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Moral Monday Resist Deportations

  • 101 West Congress Parkway Chicago, IL, 60605 United States (map)




The arrest of an undocumented mother of two, Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, a resident of this country for over twenty years since she was 14 years old, represents the first of Trump’s new campaign of terror. She was first arrested by ICE in a workplace raid. ICE at that time took the position to charge her with a felony for using a false social security number, an option ICE used rarely outside of Arizona in those days. After serving four months in detention she was released with a pending appeal of her case. Based on Obama enforcement priorities she was required to check in on a regular basis but was not deported, allowing her to continue to care for her children and to remain with her husband.

Based on new Trump enforcement priorities she was arrested when she reported for her regular check in and was deported in the face of an angry demonstration – and in the face of her crying children – on Thursday.

We are holding this press conference to warn those who are now ordered to appear at ICE headquarters for check in appointments to consult with attorneys or immigrant rights organizations before they do so to insure they will not be immediately arrested and deported.

The deportation of a mother of two and a long time resident of this country for the crime of working, paying taxes and supporting her family is a basic violation of human rights. It is now clear that the Trump Administration intends to roll back the Obama enforcement priorities entirely. The Los Angeles times reports that according to the revised enforcement priorities fully eight million people are eligible to be deported.

We have been here before – during the BUSH years after 9/11. We joined in resistance to support those who were arrested through mobilization, legal defense and, in the final alternative, through sanctuary in our churches. The effect of this resistance was to delay these deportations in many cases until new elections provided a more humane and more reasonable set of priorities, protecting such people as the mother recently separated from her husband and her children.

We must resist again. We are training defenders and mobilizers to inform and protect all the families and young people in our community. We will continue to support Chicago and other suburban towns which have declared themselves as sanctuary cities, defying the Trump administration’s attempt to use local law enforcement personnel as immigration agents. WE urge other churches to open their doors in sanctuary.

In an effort to better inform our community and to bring the inhuman and unjust policies of the Trump administration towards separating families we are calling for a demonstration for Monday, Feb 13th, at 4:30 P.M. in front of ICE headquarters AT 101 W Congress. These demonstrations will occur every Monday indefinite