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Trump & Latin America; Understanding the US State; Womens Strike

  • 4802 North Broadway Street Chicago, IL, 60640 United States (map)

Join us for political discussion and organizing

Agenda Items:

1. Trump and Latin America
The Trump admnistration is openly hostile to Mexico and the progressive governments of Cuba and Venezuela. For 200 years the U.S. elite has considered Latin America its property and the people of Latin America its imperial subjects. While Tump is being condemned for his approach to Russia, he is being greeted by either establishment silence or praise for his attacks on Venezuela and Cuba. Come hear a presentation about the struggle of the people of Latin America against U.S. empire during the Trump administration.

2. Understanding the U.S. State
President Trump has inherited a massive state apparatus used for surveillence of the people of the United States, incarceration and spying on protest movements. The 4th ammendment literally exists only on paper. The CIA is currently intervening in U.S. politics with their public campiagn against Trump. What does this all mean for the mass movement against the Trump regime?

3. Organizing for the International Women's Day Strike on March 8 in Chicago.