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11 Campaign for a Community Center in Pilsen

  • La Parada En Pilsen 2059 West 21st Street Chicago, IL, 60608 United States (map)

Join the Socialist Party USA as we continue our Campaign for a Community Center in Pilsen. This is a continuation of a meeting we held before to develop a group of people dedicated to making this dream a reality. Almost all of our neighborhood institutions have been forced to move or close due to the lease limits and extortionary rents of capitalist landlords too greedy to care about the fabric of our community. Our chair and Pilsen native Miguel Del Toral is leading this campaign and hopes that others will join in the fight to bring social programs back into our hood.

Pilsen is rapidly gentrifying and without community institutions to offer a permanent, free organizing space for the people our community will end up looking like Wicker Park. If you don't want to see Pilsen turn into a bougie, yuppie tourist stop inhospitable to working class minorities, than join us in preserving the working class culture of Pilsen and building revolutionary autonomous neighborhoods here and all over the city while fighting back against the agents of gentrification.

Background info:
This rally call is part of the Chicago Socialist Party's "People's Defense Program", a militant revolutionary program that focuses on building the capability of the people to fight back against exploitation, oppression, injustice and all forms of violence. 

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