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The Resistance Marches On!

  • Buddes Bar Budde 425 East Main St Galesburg, IL (map)

Events! Protests! Petitions! Phone calls! We've got it all. 

We'll talk about what's coming up in Congress and go over some Indivisible strategies. We'll also talk about what issues are most important to everybody and what we can do about them locally, state-wide, and at the federal level. As always, take what you like and leave the rest.

Come late or leave early if you need to, and come one, come all. Eat pizza! Drink drinks! (No need to spend money, though, if you've got other plans for dinner.) If you can’t make it, no problem--we'll catch you next time. Meetings every fourth Tuesday and on Saturdays-to-be-determined.

Budde’s is a low-key pizza joint attached to a low-key bar. We’ll be in the pizza part, but if you find yourself in the bar, just wander toward the back and take a left. MJ, Nikki, Lori, Valerie, Amanda, and Emily will be there. There’s a better than average chance that Emily will have a 12-year-old kid with her, and MJ will be the one wearing a ridiculously bright pink scarf.

Let’s happen to things!