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International Women's Strike Chicago: Global Wage Justice

  • Kluczynski Federal Building 230 South Dearborn Street Chicago, IL, 60604 United States (map)

In solidarity with women around the world, #ResistTrumpTuesdays Chicago will lead a powerful direct action and partial strike on March 7th, the eve of the International #WomensStrike in the United States and concurrent with the strike in many countries around the world. 

Trump’s misogyny and hateful rhetoric triggered the massive#WomensMarch on January 21st, but the suffering and exploitation of women and working people everywhere long predates his administration. We are coming together to strike, protest, and pressure our elected officials to address the root cause of this suffering: the global corporate forces locking all of us into a race to the bottom in wages and working conditions.

Over the past 30 years, this race to the bottom has led directly to the global crisis of stagnating wages and economic decline, disproportionately harmed women who make up the majority of workers exploited in sweatshops throughout the global supply chain, and produced workplace disasters like the Rana Plaza building collapse in 2013. 80% of the thousands of garment workers employed at the Rana Plaza sweatshops were young women ages 18, 19, and 20 who were paid between 12 to 24 cents an hour. 

In this increasingly urgent and unmistakably global crisis, we need a progressive internationalism that will use globalization for good: binding standards for a global minimum wage included in future trade agreements would constrain corporate power and stop the global race to the bottom, put an end to sweatshops and free millions of women and workers from exploitation, and put us on the path to a truly just and sustainable future for all. 

Join us Tuesday, March 7th at 4:30pm (UPDATED TIME) for the International #WomensStrike to fight for the global economic justice we’ve always needed!