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National Women's Day: A Day Without Women: Hosted by Comfy Fitness

  • Comfy Fitness 2115 North Damen Avenue Chicago, IL, 60647 United States (map)

March 8th is International Women's Day, and what better way to celebrate than to show our community just how much power we ladies weild?! If you haven't heard, organizers of the Women's March and several feminist scholars are creating a nation-wide strike of all women from exchanging any goods or services for a full day. Check out deets here:

So what the heck are we to do for a whole day without economic impact?? Join us at Comfy!!! Comfy Fitness is closing it's doors to economic exchange and opening to all women for play, story-telling, community, dance parties, food and drink, meditation and SO. MUCH. MORE.

We are encouraging participants to bring food, potluck style, so no one needs to go out and buy anything to sustain themselves for the day. In fact, challenge yourselves and create something you have out of your cabinets already! Please post or contact organizers (Kira or Carrie) directly if you're contributing. Comfy Fitness owners and trainers are in the midst of developing a schedule of events free and available for anyone who wants to join! Come and go as you please!! And if you have no choice than to work, join us around your work schedule. You do not have to be a striker to attend!

We are so excited for this day of rebellion and fun. If you have any ideas for workshops or activities, do not hesitate to reach out. Comfy FItness is a Chicago hub for community, joy and empowerment, and we are proud to stand for equality and justice for ALL people.