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Karam Foundation & Blue Meets Blue Welcome Alia Malek to Chicago

  • Chicago Party Animals Loft Venue (map)

Join Karam Foundation and Blue Meets Blue for an evening of Syrian art and literature. We are so excited to welcome author Alia Malek to Chicago! She will be reading an excerpt from her newest book: The Home That Was Our Country: A Memoir of Syria. The evening will include opportunities to shop Karam Foundation's Scents of Syria line and Blue Meets Blue's fashion line.

Karam Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building a better future for Syria by providing education, smart aid, and sustainable development opportunities to displaced Syrian communities. Our Scents of Syria initiative is one of our Sustainable Development projects that empowers Ghar, a small business inside Syria that supports 50 internally displaced women and 12 refugee women in Turkey. 
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Blue Meets Blue is an ethical clothing line that employs refugee women in the USA. Many left their war torn homes in search of something better for their families and themselves. By purchasing our clothing you are providing refugee women in the United States with jobs, empowerment, and hope. blue meets blue stands for endless freedom and connectedness, as free and connected as the blue of the ocean meeting the blue of the sky. Where fashion meets humanitarianism.
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Reviews of Alia Malek's The Home That Was Our Country:
"In The Home That Was Our Country, Alia Malek masterfully weaves together the personal and the political, and in so doing creates an unforgettable portrait of modern Syria in all its complexities and tragedies. Malek renders multiple generations of family, friends and neighbors vividly but unsentimentally, and what emerges is a portrait of a great people held back by tyranny. As Syria suffers through its darkest days, she reminds us of the humans behind the statistics. Completely engrossing and lucid, the book explains Syria's devolution better than anything I've read."―Dave Eggers

"Alia Malek takes us on a journey through time as she travels from her birthplace of Baltimore to the country from which her family hails, Syria. There she rediscovers her own family history through the renovation of her grandmother's home. She finds the meaning of what it is to be Syrian through the diverse characters that lived in her grandmother's building in Damascus. But as Malek restores her grandmother's home she watches her country fall apart with the Syrian conflict unfolding in the background. She tells the story of violence engulfing Syria as a brutal war shatters the mosaic of ethnicities and faiths that make up the Syria she'd always known. A beautiful, nuanced and human memoir that weaves the tale of Syria's history through Malek's own family and leaves the reader with the vivid sense of loss, alienation and fear likely common to all Syrians trapped in this conflict."―Leila Fadel, Middle East Correspondent, NPR

*Refreshments and small bites will be served.