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Welcome home, Rep. Lipinski - PP Pink Out

  • 6245 South Archer Avenue Chicago, IL, 60638 United States (map)

It's time to get pink! Wear pink and bring letters/postcards for Rep. Lipinski with questions and concerns you have. 

It's congressional recess time. That means town halls for many districts, but not for the 3rd. It has been stated according to his office, he will have one on an undisclosed date some time in the fall. With the state of our political climate, this is totally unacceptable. Nationally, we sit on the most uncertainty and fear that we have in a long time, and the person who is supposed to be representing us doesn't seem to care to know what we think, what we need and how he can truly serve the needs of his constituents.

Although PPIL is a direct grantee for Title X funds(thusly, are not affected by the recent rule on restricting Title X funds), in February Rep. Lipinski did vote to dismantle the Obama era rule. This is not his first vote attacking PP, and on a related note, he voted against the ACA in the past. This goes to show how out of touch he is with the needs of his constituents. 

If Rep. Lipinski doesn't talk to us, poll us, how can he presume to know what we need? I'm tired of it, and I know you are as well. So join me in a 'welcome home' pink out rally in support of Planned Parenthood. I encourage you to write a letter or postcard to Rep. Lipinski letting him know what you need and want from him, and what questions you have and bring it with you.