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Die-in at Peter Roskam's

  • 200 South Hough Street Barrington, IL, 60010 United States (map)

Roskam voted to deny 39,600 of his contituents health insurance. Roskam voted for an annual 536 million dollar shortfall for the state of Illinois. He voted to gut protections for preexisting conditions. He voted on a piece of legislation that he had not read, without knowing how much it will cost. 

Roskam sold his constituents for big insurance campaign donations, just so he can pass a billion dollar tax cut for the super rich. 

This. Won't. Stand.

We're taking the fight for better healthcare and representative government right to his door-step by staging a die-in at his Barrington office. 

We will wear black armbands in solidarity with the millions of Americans he betrayed by voting for this bill for billionaires. We will hold signs representing all the preexisting conditions that he voted not to protect. Once assembled, we will lay on the ground in a moment of silence and show Roskam that his vote for the plutocrats will kill people. Join us.