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Copwatch 101 · Hosted by SURJ Chicago - Showing Up for Racial Justice

  • 500 West Madison Street Chicago, IL, 60661 United States (map)

How can we imagine and build a world without police? 

In 2017, the US Justice Department confirmed what Chicagoans of color have long said: Chicago Police have a pattern and practice of violating Chicagoan's constitutional rights. But since the election of Donald Trump, it seems that little will come of this report. What can ordinary Chicagoans do?

CopWatch 101 is one answer to that question. It builds on previous SURJ-Chicago workshops on systemic police violence and abolitionist philosophy/tactics -- and it is designed for individuals who not only believe that a world without police is possible, but who also want to start building one. The workshop will focus on ways to address the immediate harms of the police state. Participants will learn how they can help protect each other and their communities from police violence. Read more.