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The Nasty Woman's Charity Bar Crawl

Come support the strong NASTY women of the world, and have a few drinks while you're at it.

Get your tickets here:

Schedule will be announced 1 week before the event.

Some of the Bars We Plan to Hit:

The Radler
The Owl
The Rocking Horse
The Heavy Feather
Slippery Slope
Revolution Brewing
The Boiler Room
Logan Bar and Grill
*Most of these bars will be offering drink/food speicals for our event.

Organizations we will be donating to:

The Global Fund for Women

Human Rights Campaign

International Rescue Committee

Tickets are $50
$12 for the Global Fund for Women
$12 for the Human Rights Campaign
$12 for the International Rescue Committee
$14 for the t-shirt, event costs and other fun stuff!